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Anyone here a BDR Manager? What is your comp structure like? Approximate OTE?

Hello fellow Sales Savages,

I am in a role that can best be defined as a BDR that works with existing clients to assist with renewals and upsells.

My current role has a streamlined track into becoming an Account Manager (IC) where I would work with existing clients to renew, cross sell, and upsell them.

Only problem is, becoming an AM has almost no allure to me. Dealing with pissed off clients that have technical issues, negotiating contracts, and working to get a small incremental upsell quarter after quarter doesn't seem rewarding to me.

I've explored becoming a BDR Manager and I think that it would be a stronger fit for my personality type.

So for those of you who you currently are or who have been BDR managers what was your experience like? Approximate OTE? What are you doing now in your career?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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OTE is $100K - pretty rewarding yet very tiring job, lots of managing revolving doors, mindsets, and very simple professional skills BUT that feeling of seeing a successful BDR make it ..makes it all worth it!

You HAVE to love people/what you are doing and be willing to give a lot to sometimes get a little in return - reading and talking with other leaders keeps me on my toes
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@thequeenΒ Thank you sharing! I agree that you certainly have to love people as I imagine you will be dealing with many personalities.Β 
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You need to be really in the right place to manage people. I've done it in a few different settings. It is an extremely thankless job, even if you're great at it a large chunk of your time is going to be spent with at least someone above you and someone below you being up your ass about something.Β 

That being said, being a strong manager is a great way to grow in a company. Show your company you can do that well and they will likely listen next time you tell them you want a new role.
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I love being a BDR Manager. OTE of $114k. Way better than being an IC in my opinion, but I got burnt out on being on IC and love management. You have to switch your mindset from you first to team first. It's rewarding for sure.Β 
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I love being an SDR manager. It's like @watercoolerΒ said though.
I'm at like 115k OTE but my boss hasn't liked my style/personality and that's been my biggest issue.
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