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Archivist closed a deal for $31.0k to the Medical Regents department

Another painful deal that took about four months of back-and-forth approvals, IRB reviews and general frustration as we tried to get approval for a research project. This one will run a little bit longer than the previous research project so the cash to time value is not as good but itโ€™s a huge win for the organization and will be published on our website in a year.

Deal Story
beachNsales closed a deal for $20k
This deal took about 2 months to close. I was able to prospect into the organization's CEO. It took a bunch of tries to get him on the phone and even on the phone at the right time, but I stayed the co...
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AinslieStreet closed a deal for $216k to the Veterinary department
Sealed contract with three-hospital network to provide services. Started servicing in May. Dollar amount is projected over the next year. Also piloting new B2C program, so this was a big ask and a very...
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Deal Story
SoCalSales closed a deal for $615k to the IT, Healthcare departments
This deal took me about 8 months. We helped the customer decide between different PACS Vendors and ultimately land on one for their medical imaging. We developed a strategy for retention of medical ima...
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