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Are prospects actually picking up the phone during calls and meetings? (Booked someone 'in a meeting' today)

I get this as an SDR all the time.

Prospect: hello

Me: hi (prospect), this is (me) from (inc.), am I catching u at a bad time here?

Prospect: uh... yeah. I'm in a meeting...

What do you do from here? Sometimes I give up, sometimes I ask if it's okay to call back later *which they never pick up now that I think about it when I do call back even if they've agreed*, sometimes after you ask for a call back they ask why, then you pitch and get in, but this time around:

I proceeded to say: 'no worries, do u mind if I take 30 seconds to see if a callback makes sense?'

Prospect: go *he said with expectant demand*

Me: ** 23-second pitch including, what we do, who we are, why we are different, how we help, and why it's relevant** *slayed that shit*

Prospect: Yeah that sounds very interesting but uh...I'm not the Decision maker

Me: no worries, I know I'm calling out of the blue here, certainly wasn't looking to talk to the decision-maker necessarily as much as the end user because if it doesn't make sense for the end-user there's no point in bringing it to the decision-maker, does that make sense?'

Prospect: *beaten into submission* yeah.. sure.. let's put a time on the calendar

(proceeded to awkwardly find a time that fits for all us 4, AE, him, SC, me, thanked him, and hopped off, sent him a followup email and invite w plenty of resources)

P.S. this was Pepsi for Cyber today ( i hope he accepts)


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Senior AE
I was in recruiting prior and a recruiter I worked with was like thatโ€™s the first brush off and if they were busy they wouldnโ€™t answer the phone. Theyโ€™re expecting you to say ok and bye but if you give them a bit of a challenge youโ€™d be surprised how often the convo can continue. Some great advice that I got early in my careerย 
WR Officer
You handled it well.

People will almost never answer a call from a number they don't recognize if they're in a meeting, it's just a very easy brush off.ย 
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