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At my past job we had issues with wireless headphones and using softphone diallers to make cold calls. Anybody have experience using airpods with a Macbook Pro for calls?

Any of you savages have experience using airpods on a Macbook softphone for calls?

Can I expect using airpods will provide good audio quality for my prospects?

We had issues using Salesforce lightning dialler with wireless headphones becoming disconnected and poor audio quality. These were top of the line Plantronics/Poly headsets on Macbooks.

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I had issues using my airpods. Anything Bluetooth adds a delay. I'd still try to wire in somehow
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Yes pods are great, but also so are normal headphones I just plug into the computer are so easy to use on my mac
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Mine would always glitch out, so I set it up to dial through my phone and connected my headphones to my phone instead
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We had issues with Mitel and Salesforce, but now we use Twilio and plantronics/poly. That being said, a lot of my teammates stick with Airpods and they don't have a ton of issues. Delays are due to latency and wifi issues, not the bluetooth from what I've found.
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To parrot off of what Rallier said β€” AirPods can be hit or miss. They get the job done but Bluetooth isn’t ideal for calls.

If you’re going to go wireless it’s best to go with something that connects via a 2.4GHz dongle. Right now I’m using a Corsair headset and the audio is clear with no distortion. Also I can walk downstairs on calls and not lose a signal.
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Good advice, thanks! Cuz that's the thing...I want to be able to stand up and walk around while making calls. I miss just using actual phones with headsets lol.
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If you work in an office or around other people, you're probably going to want a legit headset. AirPods pick up a TON of background noise even when turning down the input volume. But if you're WFH or on your own, you're probably fine.Β 
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I've had good luck with a few brands. Bose pro ear buds. Jabra elite. And Shure Aonic 4. They all work well. But I'm mostly walking around my office or connected to my phone for calls.Β 
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