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Average time spent prospecting per day? (AEs)

Hello all,

I am a newly promoted AE from the SDR role. I started as an AE beginning of Q2. I've been going through the learning curve lately, and now I'm anxious to close some deals. The SDR team does book meetings for me, but I'd like to have as full a pipe as possible to get something closed won (naturally). I haven't had any luck with any deals over the last two months unfortunately.

Anyway - right now I'm spending about an hour a day per day prospecting, but some days when I'm slammed I find myself unable to dedicate any time to prospecting at all. Note that I'm still connecting a lot with my manager on prepping & recapping meetings, so over time a little bit more time should free up.

How much time do you spend prospecting per day on average? Is one hour enough (my self-generated pipeline doesn't really think so). Any tips for finding time to prospect more as an AE?

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I aim for two hours a day.
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As someone who is piss poor at time management, you want something done right you have to do it yourself. I have such low confidence in my BDR I tell him to not bother on certain prospects I’ll do it. It’s daunting generating pipeline organically, expected to close a net new ACV number in addition to renewals for the customer base. But I was transparentally told the AE to BDR ratio in the company was 18:1. So that support is out of sight out of mind.
I used to schedule ficed moment sin my agenda for prospecting and cold calling. Those moments were only for those tasks. no excuses no shifting them to other moments, they were fixed. About 1h propecting and 30ish minutes calling everyday
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1-2 hours usually and then calling them to be told to f off...
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1-2 hours a day and try to repeat it for each day of the week. Granted things can get busy however if you can do a little bit of prospecting daily that'll go a long way to building long-term pipe.
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I aim for 3-4 hrs a week. I try to block 2x 2hr blocks a week.

But much of this depends on the health of my pipeline. When pipeline is starting to look a little weak for the future, I ramp up my efforts.

I also try to spend a decent amount of time "prospecting" into the channels as well...
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It really depends on the days for me. Monday’s-Wednesday’s around 2-3 hours. Thursday and Fridays only about an hour tops
How many hours per week do you actually work?
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