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Baited & Switched @startup?

Left big corporate in July for my first taste of the startup world (SaaS, Series A). 

I'm one of the initial sales guys (first "AE"). First comp plan I signed was 14% commission rate. I agreed to begin in an SDR capacity to build our funnel but to start doing the AE role by November. 

Fast forward to now. Still primarily doing the SDR function. Sales manager is doing the closing. We closed an okay amount of business in Q4 as we had just launched but I only got paid on opportunities I created  (which is slim at this point). I expected to be thrown some bones but that won't happen. Oh, and I still haven't received the details of my stock options plan (HR giving me run around).

This year's plan is doubled quota with a two tiered commission rate (both lower than the initial plan). I get paid higher on net new opportunities I single-handedly create which close (with or without me doing the closing). Anything inbound, from an SDR, or any other channel I'll be paid regardless if I work it or not but it will be a lower rate. 

FWIW: 50/50 OTE, my base is just south of $100K. I was making $150K OTE easy in my previous SaaS gig.

I've a team first attitude but I feel 1) we have no strategy (or pipeline) to hit our sales target 2) the current plan incentivizes me to work without SDR or marketing. I'll be primarily building pipe for a long time but not being paid enough as we are struggling to close biz. And I don't think we have product market fit.

Any thoughts or perspective would be appreciated!

Not even sure we have product-market-fit.

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