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Be a better relationship builder

I don't ever do this so this a first for me. Excuse any grammatical or APA errors. Since I started here at my company back in 2019 I have trained a few reps that all have gone onto have some kind of success based off what I showed them and the advice I gave. Surprised me because training is not my thing but I know shit. So what I have come to realize is that todays consumer is a hell of a lot smarter than 5 yrs ago. You can thank the internet for that, so you better come with your A game. This is where the focus on be a better relationship builder comes into play.

I've always said that if your first call to an account is heavy with sales pitches , then you have already lost them and likely will not gain any traction with them because all they see is a greedy little account manager (they aren't wrong , I mean greed is good right ?) and will be turned off by your attempts at slinging shit on their wall hoping something sticks . Recipe for failure

What I tell any new rep that has the sweet luck of learning from me is do your home work(sales 101) so you don't sound like its your first go round and NEVER EVER PITCH on the first call. That first call needs to be all about establishing what kind of rep you are and the kind of partnership you want to build with them. Talk about yourself and what you like and then give them a window to open up to you .If you do this right they will have 0 issues trusting you and in fact you will likely be the first person they think of when in need. You want to be able to call that contact anytime and talk about anything not just work .... That is the goal

Let me know what you guys think ? Hope you all enjoyed my post.

60% of the time it works all the time !

Cheers !

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Well said and so needed. relationships and being human first is key. My reps struggle with this and was the only reason i was successful, wnat to cuss me out, product is acting up, need to buy something, jsut bored, i got all those calls, and was happy to cause they led to $ eventuallyย 
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Absolutely my biggest success's have come from relationshipsย  that I've nurtured. If you are only there for the good convos then your not doing it right. You need to be able to stand in the trench and take the verbal lashing when they are upset. Keep in mind that their anger is directedย  towards the company you work for not you , if you're smart you would have positioned your self as their champion fighting for them and the company as the big bad wolf ( to an extent) this way all they are really doing is venting to you so it should not be as bad. You have to trust the process and accept that not every call to them is going to be a sale. Hell I go as far as not pitching until I understand their enviroment and internal goals and I let them know this too. Honesty gets you a lot with them. Makes you human (what a concept )

I'm glad you enjoyed my post !ย 
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