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Being an AE while living far outside of territory

Some of you may have seen my Win Wire post mentioning that my entire company (K-12 SaaS) was laid off after an acquisition on the same day the biggest deal I've ever closed was going to Board for final approval.

Since then, I'm happy to report that I was extended an offer at my #1 choice of company as a Regional Account Executive serving the Chicago metro area. At my current company I am a Regional AE/AM hybrid covering IL, MO, IN, IA and have done very well despite me living in Virginia. My last day here is June 30.

Obviously due to COVID, I haven't had the chance to prospect on-site since February 2020 but that will surely be happening again soon. This is a considerable "promotion" for me with a large base increase and likely a large increase in commission, assuming I do well, but with that my responsibilities are shifting from a hybrid new/renewal goal to almost entirely new. The Regional VP to whom I'll be reporting did not want to hire anyone living outside of Chicago, but he really liked me and my results and I was very highly recommended.

My question to you is, have you ever been in a similar role where you're responsible for a large new business number in a territory not close to you physically? How much did you travel? Any tips on strategy or anything else I should know?
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