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BenitoBlanco_ closed a deal for $109.4k to the Curators of the University department

Final 6 figure deal at my prior company (I still have system access until July 11) closed today.

I'll be ending my tenure halfway through the year at 135% to my 2021 New Business quota and 78% to my 2021 Renewal quota (we are a K-12 business so we do ~75% of our renewals during Q3). I was set for a banner year, but it wasn't meant to be.

Today was also Day 1 at the new job, and I'm REALLY liking what I'm seeing so far, so looking forward to sharing more deals very soon!

Deal Story
TheOverTaker closed a deal for $12k to the Founder department
Pretty basic sponsorship deal for the work I do. Had the client into the studio today for them to look over the space and graphics which was a first for a while. Broke a mini cool (NOT COLD) streak tho...
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Coop closed a deal for $60k
I Just finished my 45 day review today after starting with a SaaS company. First time SaaS AE. I also just closed my first deal today! Happy to get the monkey off the back with a deal worth twice the ...
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UserNotFound closed a deal for $15.1k to the Administration department
This was a good and fun win, tested my knowledge of integrations and the client trusted me enough to lean on me and my recommendations for the entirety of their tech-focused initiative from MSP recomme...
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