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BenitoBlanco_ closed a deal for $94.1k to the District Office department

This was a pretty simple one - my last day before my layoff begins is tomorrow.

I reached out to a bunch of clients to lock them down on multi-year deals so I could give the biggest middle finger possible to the soulless org that acquired and fired all of us. So far between the day they announced our layoff and today (around 45 days ago) I've rung up about $60k in commission payments, and it feels twice as good knowing they have to sign that check.

I have a bigger one than this pending, and we get to keep system access through July 11, so hopefully they get back to me before then and I can complete my Swan Song before starting at my new company.

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Oh wow so many feelings at one time! Are you going to get paid on these deals?
Regional Account Executive
Right! Yes, well, at least they've committed to do so in writing, so I can only presume so. They already paid me out on about $45k of it.
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Congrats! @BenitoBlanco_ keep it up!
Congrats on that one! Keep them comming!
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BenitoBlanco_ closed a deal for $163.3k to the District Office department
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AinslieStreet closed a deal for $216k to the Veterinary department
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avocadobegood closed a deal for $40k to the CEO department
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