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Best email to get a client back onboard who has been ghosting you?

I know everyone uses Corp Bros famous email to get a quick response from a prospect who has been ghosting, but I would like to hear some new examples to get a higher response rate from the prospects.

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Didn't know this existed?! Looking up now.
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This might have been tweaked slightly by my team:

Hi [Name]

I haven't heard back from my previous emails so I'm getting the sense there's been a shift in priorities and discussingย [Company]ย is now lower on the list.ย I'd consider it a personal favor if you could let me know either way, and I can stop filling up your inbox which I'm sure you can appreciate. If you'd like to continue our conversation feel free to book time directly onย my calendar here.ย  ย Respectfully,ย 
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Youโ€™re probably the first person on here to leave their calendar here, haha. How does chilipiper compare to calendly though?
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Research, Research, Research.ย  Find some sort of significant event or situation that would have an effect on their business operations.ย  It doesn't have to be related to your product.ย  This is a great way to humanize yourself and stand out.ย ย 

i.e. When the wildfires in California happened last year, I emailed ALL of my prospects that it affected (even cold emails) for a check-in.ย ย 

Nothing to do with MY business, but rather how a situation like a change in CEO, potential disaster threat, cyber-security breaches, weather, OR finally, and this never gets utilized, birthday cards!ย  Not emails, cards.ย ย 

How great does it feel when someone sends you something in the mail?ย  If they don't respond after that, then I'd close the opp, or follow-up with a "hey, did you get my card?" email.ย ย 

Be different, be bold, get creative, and care about your prospects.ย  It becomes second nature.
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That is amazing advice, and I plan on sharing this with my team!ย ย 

I do feel that often coming at a prospect with this approach, you would need to have a very intriguing subject line that is not formal. To be a straight shooter on this, I think we all lose people when it comes to the subject line when we need to reengage.ย  I often will only read the subject line on incoming emails and hit it as "mark read" because I assume it is automated.

ย I would love to hear some feedback on this to help myself, as well as my SDR/BDR Team.ย 
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I posted this in another thread about subject lines:ย 

My open rate in Salesloft is higher than most.ย  When I am researching a company and prospect, I always find relevant content accessible for industry-specific accounts.ย  Webinars are by FAR the best if you have access to on-demand ones.ย ย 

i.e.ย  On-Demand (my company name) Webinar forย (Prospect Name)

If you don't have access to marketing collateral like that, I've always had about a 50% open rate withย 

Attn: First/Last Name - (My company name) & (prospect company) Meeting

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oh i would love to hear the answer.ย 
You've built rapport, took them through your value proposition, scheduled follow-ups, everything feels great. Now it's decision time and.... GHOSTED... How do you recapture their attention and when is it time to hit them with a break-up email?
Is there anything sweeter than seeing a prospect who ghosted you cc'd on an email from their boss?
How do you all handle a situation where a prospect has a contract approved and is ready for signature, but one of their family members just passed away? Want to be extremely sensitive to the situation...feel there's never a "right" time to reach out and never want to be salesy...