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Best SDR Interview Questions?

We are currently hiring for an SDR role within my company. I know the generic normal interview questions, but I really was wondering if you had any unique or different questions you tend to ask in an SDR interview? Or if you are an SDR, if you got any questions that kind of threw you off or that you really liked? Thanks in advanced!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Hiring
BDR Manager
Here are a few that hopefully can help you identify the right candidates......

- How would you identify and/or research a prospect prior to calling them?ย 
- What sort of information would you look for?ย 
- How many times would you reach out to a prospect over a 30 day period?ย 
- What is something that you had to learn that was outside of your comfort zone?ย 
- How did you learn it?ย 
- What is something you are eager to learn?ย 
- What books, blogs, or resources do you lean into in an effort to enhance your knowledge?ย 
- What is something that separates you in a crowd?ย 
- Can you tell me about a time you had to get really good at something and what you did to achieve that success?ย 
- In your opinion, what do you think the goal of the SDR role is?ย 
- What is the best piece of constructive criticism that you have received?ย 
- Tell me about a time things did no go according to plan, what did you learn from that experience?ย 
- What is your favorite piece of technology that you use regularly?ย 
- Favorite book, movie artist?ย 
- Can you tell me something that I dont know..
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Customer Success Manager / Account Executive
These are amazing and super helpful! We've only had a couple SDR's at our company within the last 4 years so it's definitely difficult to find the right candidate, but these will definitely help. I appreciate it!ย 

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