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Best way to position "seat-based" pricing

My org currently sells "licenses" to access our solution, with a minimum of 5 licenses per agreement. It's a very valuable tool, but it's a bit more difficult to sell the vision of 20 licenses being purchased off the bat when they have maybe 8 people who would use it today.

I've found that certain times it can be a struggle to sell more than the minimum 5 seats at the beginning of a contract because the buyer may think they can "get by" with 5 seats and expand as necessary.


Well why would a company buy more licenses from you than they need?
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Give them what they want. Once  they close, ensure they are using your solution and provide tips on how to effectively use it.  Check back every 60-90 days sharing some news of how another customer expanded and they achieved X result. 

As soon as the sale closes, however you manage your activities, set them up for 30/60/90 whatever it looks like to check in.  

As simple as it sounds, just be a resource for them even after the sale.

At a previous company, one of my salespeople consistently checked in every 90 days and she NEVER had to prospect. This is another reason why staying at a company a few years is a good thing if you get credit for land and expand.  Every so often, a client of hers would email her to add licenses and she met her monthly quota in that one email. Nothing special, just giving a crap.  
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Land & Expand vs. Discover and Descend. 

L&E is what I'm hearing above. D&D would be getting to higher titles and selling the vision on a larger scale. If the tool is very valuable, why wouldn't more people need access? How could they drive more revenue/avoid risk/etc. by getting access? 
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AE’s - here’s a very client-centred way to gather information about ‘WHEN’ a decision needs to be made. Doing it this way will help you shorten sales cycles and build trust. Keep in mind - not every question I ask in this example is a perfect fit for every buyer, but should give you a good place
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