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Big thanks to the War Room!

A few weeks back, this thread was posted, and it got me thinking if I was missing out on other opportunities.

I told myself "yes you may be limiting yourself in your current role". Since then, I've landed a meeting with an exiting (retiring) business develop rep for a large, international manufacturing company in a multitude of markets.

While it's not guaranteed I get the position, I was referred by someone (cough network cough) and it landed me the interview. I solely took the risk of inquiring further and it could pay off by a $40-$50k bump in my take home pay AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, let my wife quit her job and stay home with our newborn baby.

The salary is greater than what I am currently projected to make this year WITH commissions, insanely better benefits, still work from home, and some international travel.

My point is this...for ANYONE in the WR - utilize these threads, read them, analyze them. Ask questions and learn from the industry veterans that are always willing to lend a voice. People are in this group that actually want to help you. I promise you there is value in here.

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