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Breaking into C Suite or VP level positions

Hello my fellow Sales Savages,

I've been thinking a lot about career development and would like to become a VP of Sales or CRO down the line. I'm currently on a track to becoming an Account Manager and will eventually be cross selling and up-selling into existing client accounts.

One thing I've quickly noticed is that many of my organizations VP's and C Suites have developed their careers at other companies and then made a lateral move into the organization after decades of experience.

I don't see many examples of someone who started off as a BDR or even an AE who was steadily promoted to the VP level or C Suite level.

What are your thoughts on the path to becoming a VP or C Suite exec? It seems like often it is not a linear progression and may involve changing organizations a number of times. What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear your all of your perspectives.


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