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Breaking into Tech Sales: NEW on Bravado Academy

Everyone’s talking about tech sales. There are huge opportunities with fast-growing companies, incredible products, and massive payouts. But actually making the jump from another industry to tech can be daunting as hell. Even with the stats to back you up, you’re bound to hit some obstacles along the way.

If any of that resonates with you, check out Breaking into Tech Sales on Bravado Academy – your comprehensive guide to making the leap.

We can’t promise to repave the road for you, but we can swap out your Thomas Guide for Google maps + a brand new set of tires to make your ride smoother and more effective.

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I like the academy, I got some value from this one in the form of @poweredbycaffeine quote on dropping Saas platform from the messaging. 

Keep em coming - more ammo for the war on ghosty prospects.
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Can't thank you enough for this! 

Vibes are immaculate in the War Room. 
Enterprise SaaS AE
Tech sales or SaaS as most people call it can be difficult but the reward is worth it if you power through the tough times. My recommendation is looking at SaaS solutions that don’t have 10+ other competitors as many of those companies it’s a revolving door for sales people.
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I used this article to help with my SDR/BDR interviews. This community is great. 
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My experience was Ad sales in requirements -> to LinkedIn in High growth teams -> to Gartner -> To high Tech Start ups in bleeding-edge tech in cyber and Data. Happy to answer questions. 
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Is selling a dfy sales funnel service count as tech or it has to be a specific software?