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Building an inclusive culture in a Hacker House?

Hi Everyone, a bit off topic but would love to hear some thoughts and suggestions.

So I have recently moved into a hacker house, there are 18 of us here and we mostly working in tech/have our own startups. And full transparency we're all boys (unintentionally).

The house itself is amazing, it's a bit like a playground for adults, everyone is always experimenting with new things, e.g a few of the housemates fix motorbikes together, go to the gym together, we collaborate on side projects or help each other with our startups etc.

But the elephant in the room is that we are still 18 guys and have had feedback that the house seems a bit rundown and almost fraternity like. We're looking to overhaul some things in terms of making it more inclusive. Our ideas right now include more regular cleaning, but also maybe some interior design decorating and a bit more mindfulness of conversations in public areas of the house.

How would you approach this challenge to make things more inclusive?

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Diversity and inclusion sometimes just happens, but it's very rare. More often than not, it's a deliberate action that takes work and effort.Β 

If you have 18 men living in a house, it's highly unlikely a woman would want to live there as well, right? Fixing the problem isn't going to be easy, especially given laws around fair housing. It's much more of a long-term fix.Β 

In the short term, you could focus on having events specifically targeted toward a more diverse audience. Are you all white? All straight/cis? It might be worth hosting events that promote diversity and try to engage more diverse audiences.Β 
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I lived in a 7-man house for years after college. Each night, a different guy was responsible for making dinner for the whole house. Significant others, friends, and family members were always welcome if they gave advance notice that day.Β 

Sharing a meal is a powerful way to make people feel included in your community.

Plus, I didn't have to make dinner for myself 6/7 days a week- DOPE
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