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Can these be changed in T&Cs : An indication from buyer to close?

Often, while I used to discuss nearing closures, these statements have helped identify and move the best with regards to close and succeed at 65-70%

Statement 1 : your price structure needs little tweaks

Statement 2 : Payment terms be tweaked?

Statement 3 : Implementation time frame reduction possible?

What else would you add to these?

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Do these work with you too?
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I feel all kinds of stupid, but I have no idea what this is even referring to or asking. Are these statements from buyers to you?Β 
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Oh, my bad that you felt so!
Yes buyers to me!
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If a client told me my price structure needs little tweaks I'd send that to the closed / lost pile and move on. Β 

If they wanted a reduction in implementation timeframe I'd say "Sure, sign it quicker"
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Love this. Thanks
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I was confused. Read 3-4 times.

What you're saying is the BUYER is stating these? Then you're close to close the business.Β 

If so.Β 

These should be handled. Pricing.Β 

We can see what other considerations we can use, usually we can get some room with longer commits than the one on the table. Happy to talk a longer commits from both our ends and lock in at a level you're comfortable with.Β 

Works with payment terms too.

Timeline wise. What is needed? Faster? Slower roll so you cancel without penalty with your provider? We can make that work.Β 
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Great. Thanks for the input
And yes, these are from buyers to me
If sales people didn’t have quotas, and were paid just a flat rate of whatever they sold, do you think think that A)Salespeople would work just as hard? B) Create a better culture within the Sales Org? C) Create better relationships with their buyers?
Since pandemic pushing everyone to wfh, many people are of the opinion that all aspects of businesses (at least for software) can be done remotely. How many of you still believe that persona touch goes a long way to close a sales deal?
Which would you rather do?
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*Voting in this poll no longer yields commission.
AE’s - here’s a very client-centred way to gather information about β€˜WHEN’ a decision needs to be made. Doing it this way will help you shorten sales cycles and build trust. Keep in mind - not every question I ask in this example is a perfect fit for every buyer, but should give you a good place