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ChiDawg closed a deal for $156k

This deal was with a company we had previously worked with, but they have an entirely new leadership team in the past 6 months. This required a lot of relationship building and basically selling ourselves from scratch. We were competing against our biggest competitor and know it would be tight. All of the calls and meetings over the last 6 months were critical to ingraining ourselves with this new team. Hopefully it is the first of many with this new team!

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Very nice 🀩
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Congrats! @ChiDawg leadership changes are either going to really hurt or really help the sales process and its always a crap shoot at what one it’s going to be haha.Β 
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Big Congrats! 😎
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Congrats! @ChiDawg
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Comissionfiend closed a deal for $453k
This deal took me 2 weeks start to finish, identified a need, probe at their current pain points with their current insurance, hit hard and hit fast. Felt damn good considering this is on the larger si...
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icemoney55 closed a deal for $136k
This deal took 10 months from Discovery to signature. Company came in for eval to replace a competitor they were utilizing for the past 5 years. They were receiving no support from the other vendor wh...
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Deal Story
ChiDawg closed a deal for $145.2k
This was a company I had been pursuing on and off for the last several years. They had an incumbent they felt was doing well enough and didn't see a need for a change. Over time, the incumbent continue...
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