Classic what's your best way to prospect question

Hey fellow sales brothers and sisters,

I see a lot of people claiming the death of cold prospecting methods and I wonder what to do instead?

I own a growth agency that helps service businesses grow with Google ads funnel so I'm doing B2B.

Any help will be much appreciated!

*This is my first post here but I promise to add value in the future

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Cold calling ainโ€™t dead. Cold emailing ainโ€™t dead. People are just soft and donโ€™t want to work lol. Or they work at Gong and just rely on inbound leads or however the hell they do business.

I find people on LinkedIn, find their info on ZoomInfo, then call/email them until they pick up or someone tells me they are dead.

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Please do not believe everything you read from so called influencers. They are full of shit.

Cold prospecting is not dead. Keep doing your thing.

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Sounds like you will be working in the SMB space to start? Easiest way to contact home services owners is via phone.ย 

If you are looking for a place to find prospects, check out who is engaged on Yelp, Home Advisor, Houzz etc. If they have invested in an online presence there you know they care and are a target for your company.ย 

Once you have your targets lined up, hammer time, calls and emails absolutely still work, especially in this space.ย 
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Trust me, the content creators who wrote those articles have not sold a single thing their life. Yes! The world has slowly shifted from relationship-based selling to information-led selling ... But every door opens ONLY and ONLY when you knock. Keep Knocking. Keep closing. Welcome savage!
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There's always the tried and true method of standing on a street corner wearing a sandwich board with your value prop scrawled in permanent marker...

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