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*Cold Call Scaries* Timid SDR

Working with a newer SDR with no previous sales experience and he is struggling with taking control of the conversation and being a bit more aggressive. Best resources to help give him to overcome this?

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Have them offer dumbells on Facebook marketplace at $0.50 per pound and deal with the influx of messages and assholes, and bam, they'll be greatΒ 
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Just might have to try this lmaoΒ 
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No better crash course to Sales excellence than a modestly priced high demand product on the shitstorm of FB
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Have him cold call executives pitching them free pizza if they donate to a charity. Teach him there's nothing to be scared of, these are just regular folks on the other line and that laugh, poop, and sleep just like him.
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Tell him to try and detach his worth from the call. Remind him sales has its up and downs month to month and that the worst that will ever happen on a cold call is someone will yell at you over the phone and there is a 99.99999% chance they will never have any contact with that person again.
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Do you have a well-written call guide? Often times, when people can't take control of the conversation, it's just that they don't know where to take it to or how do to that. Especially with new SDRs, you have to spell every little thing out.
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I remember when I started out that I was terrified of the scary monsters on the other end of the phone (tbf, this sometimes still happens after 4 years).

What really helped me and continues to help me to this day was booking an hour or 2 in a meeting room with my colleague and we'd do a power hour of calls. The purpose, whilst meetings are important, was to have fun and realise that it doesn't matter about the outcome.

TL;DR, get on the phones together and alternate calls and make it a fun experience.Β 

Hope this helps!
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sdr cold call recordings - got any?