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Cold calling will never die.

But the people who are afraid to do it will always try to say it is dead, or that it doesn’t work, when really it just doesn’t work for THEM. Because they are scared. How big of a deal have you closed off a cold call?

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Account Executive
67K closed this week for a client worth 250K in the next few years, a very recent deal. Anyone claiming it is dead has an agenda to sell you something. 
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Account Manager
Nice work!
Good Citizen
Unemployed SDR
$17,000. Not much but felt massive at the time. 
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Account Manager
Plenty much! I bet it felt great!
BDR Manager
No deal too big or too small- Outbound squad sourced a same week $4k MRR/$48K Annual. Those outbound wins and quick hits just land make you feel some sorta way!
Account Executive
I personally think Cold Calling is an incredibly undervalued skill. When I first started off on our bdr/sdr team we had high benchmark metrics to hit and frankly it threw you into the deep end. I learned so much through the huge flops and huge wins (booking a real meeting).

All that said- I do think the landscape has changed a bit which has made it more difficult.  By that I mean I think it's a lot tougher to get your ROI these days, due to difficulty finding real numbers, many companies not even having desk phones (my company hasn't had phones for anyone besides bdr's for 5+ years) and overall cultural shift from picking up unknown numbers, desire for anyone picking up knowing its a cold call to actually engage.

Lot of headwinds... I do know it's still possible to have success, we have people on my team as well as myself who still make dials and can find some success.

What I am challenged thinking about it the pure volume you need to hit in order to get those couple of connects and then those that convert to another meeting.

Curious what everyone else's thoughts are on this.
Associate Sales Representative
Can't always control appropriate timing but you can control how much you put yourself in front of good prospects whether they need your services today or not. Had several deals develop over time where the answer was "no" "not interested" "no response" to all of a sudden they make a new hire and their is a shift of perspective and all those times I called lead to a meeting and a great opportunity. 

It is like advertising, unless it is a compelling message and you fall in love at first site a consumer needs to consume an ad several times before they take action and buy. I tend to keep calling until they tell me not to call or their is zero chance they would do business with me. 

My mantra is No means "not right now" 
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