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ColdCall closed Wealth Management for $986 to the Operations department

Old customer who stopped working with us, messaged in saying they wanted to buy the software. I tried to upsell and arrange a meeting , but they just wanted what they had before.

Not the best deal, but never a bad day if you close a deal- only took 24 hours :D

Deal Story
signandrecline closed a deal for $25k to the Product Development, CTO departments
About 6 weeks sales cycle. I went through the Aspireship AE course, and made sure we had the guy from below the line (Product Manager) and above the line (CTO) on the calls to cover pain points for bot...
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Deal Story
SalesPharaoh closed STARZ PLAY for $60k to the Product Development, Technology departments
This Deal technically took me 2 years and a site visit to their HQ in Dubai. However, in reality it took about 3 months the reason for the delay is that in the 1st half was that they were interested bu...
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Deal Story
desperado closed a deal for $8k to the Business Development, Innovation departments
Deal took 2 weeks. Was a cross-sell since they're already using existing products. DM submitted a demo request form for the new product we recently launched. We hopped on a call and I did a short 10-...
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