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Comp change 4.5 months into the new plan?

Hey squad -

First post on Bravado (I know I know, finally!), long time Corp Bro follower.

My company is offering us the chance to adjust our comp because they need to be competitive in the market with new hires.

Currently we are on a 60/40 split (base/commish), and they are offering us the choice to change to a 50/50 split + a ~3% OTE raise. I'd be giving up 14-15% on my base, but a 28% increase on the commish variable. My question to management that I am waiting to hear back on, is if my quota would go up a lot.

I consistently hit or exceed my number, sometimes by a lot. They're also saying the next promotion I receive (I just received one in February), this will be the norm. I always bet on myself, but I also don't want to hit a cold streak all of the sudden and screw myself. I do sell into a very hot vertical right now, that is what is enticing me to seriously consider taking the new offer.

I'm curious what others would do in this situation? I need to give an answer by EOW for it to go into effect for 5/1, otherwise I can punt to next month.

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I dont think 3% is attractive enough for me to take a switch.

Inflation is like 2%.

Depends on what your accelerators look like too.
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They should keep your base and just improve the payout rate of commission. That will be more attractive for new talent anyways.
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Look man, betting on yourself is great, but if they are hiring new that means less territory and less prospects to keep killing it. I look at this like a car dealership or my lovely City of Chicago, when i get an offer from them to change something, it is not in my best interest, it is in theirs.ย 
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Unless they crank up the accelerators, I would stick with the base, especially if it sounds like they will up your OTE on the promotion anyway.ย 
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Looks like a small enough change that it doesn't truly matter. If they were smart, they'd offer you a higher level of variability. Maybe go negotiate it?ย 

If you like the company, I'd go for some of that $$ in equity. I did that at Glassdoor, it worked out well :)
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You are gaining 13% if you hit your number, higher if you exceed.ย  Always bet on yourself.ย  Salary is nothing more than a commission check spread across 12 months.
How has your comp plans changed with this new 2021 outlook?
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