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Comp on Multi-Year Deal

I know typical practice is to comp on ACV with potential higher commission if the rep signs a 2 or 3 year deal. However, my company's deals are 2 years minimum, we don't do 1 year deals. Should I still comp the rep only for the first year or for both years? Should I pay the commission to the reps up front, or make them wait a year to get the commission for year 2?

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deathsalesman closed a deal for $15k to the Innovation department
My first ever chosen won deal as an Account Executive. It was also an Account Based Selling target account. So I leveraged our current relationship to break into a new department, we were not working w...
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DungeonsNDemos closed multi-branch company for $287k to the Purchasing department
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kbites closed a deal for $61.7k to the DevOps department
Whoever says inbound leads are easy to close? This deal took me 6 months. The prospect came in via inbound lead in Q4 2020. After some initial chat, discussion and demo, and an opportunity opened, they...
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