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Company culture beats talent every time!

I believe company culture is the number one success driver within any organization. Agree or disagree?

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Culture is important as long as your not defining it as perks that most people do. Β Culture is all about transparency and candid communication across all levels.Β 
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As someone who ran their own business with many employees for over 15 years - give me someone with basic experience and a good attitude any day over some grizzled veteran who only knows how to win one way.

My best employees were dumb as a sack of rocks but gave 110% effort every single day, and absolutely followed direction with zero insubordination.Β 

However, this only works if you're a good manager.

You need to know every single aspect of your business, and not be afraid to get your hands dirty to show them the way. You also need to be direct without emotion, and give feedback constantly without any negativity until they have internalized the WHY of what they're doing. Always explain WHY you are telling them to do it your way. Once they have mastered the basics to perfection and they understand the goal, they can start to make their own decisions and no longer need much supervision at all. They feel like they have ownership in the success of the business, because they absolutely are your greatest resource. Gives them more incentive to work harder, go that extra mile, because their job means more than the paycheck.Β 

I have always said that I don't do the word "no". That word doesn't exist to me. They are more than welcome to disagree with what I'm saying, but it better be framed as "ok, but what about if we tried this?" or "I know you want it done this way, but I learned xyz, and thought maybe we should consider that". I can still say no, but again, I will explain WHY. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it and thank them for pointing it out (respectfully).Β 

Changes the perception from "I'm a tough boss" to "I'm taking you to the next level and I'll be there supporting you every step of the way".Β Β 

I can't tell you how many employees I've been through before I figured this out. I tried the "nice" approach, the "mean" approach, some mix of everything....but this has worked consistently every single time. If they don't care about the WHY, they wouldn't last long with me. On the flip side, once someone had worked for me for more than a few months, everyone would want to hire them and other business owners would often send me employees of theirs to use for free so I'd train them.Β 
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Yes. If you have high turnover you use the words guru, ninja, etc in job descriptions I'm out.
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@DaddyWarbucksΒ Couldn't agree more. When you produce a positive culture for people it makes them more inclined to sell. I feel like a lot of sales professionals lose sight of how important this is when chasing the dollars.
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I agree but it’s tough to get rightΒ 
Exactly. Β I’ve had great managers and terrible managers. Β The managers with the ego, the because of β€œME” attitude, the β€œgo figure it out” pretty much sets your team up for failure. The managers with the coach/mentor mentality can take average Joe’s and turn them into phenomenal sales people. Β 
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To disagree would be futile. Great culture promotes great results.Β 
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
Alright, I'll be the contrarian. I think culture is overrated when it comes to getting results. Think about how many places that are absolutely dogshit to work at (plenty of Wall Street) that absolutely crush it. Look at all the stories of places like Away that grind people to the bone and remain successful. I'm not saying that companies should be active nightmares but just not sucking is probably fine in most cases.

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The number one success driver is the comp plan. the end.Β 
How much is company culture worth?
What's your dream sales job, company and location?
What company has the most "cultish" culture?