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Contract term for hiring??

Has anyone heard of this?

I met an employer who was looking to hire an SDR with a view to promote them quickly into a full cycle AE position. Solid product, pretty good user base already, good comp package.

They're looking to have the new hire stay for 1 to 2 years, which is fine and dandy... BUT they said they'd want to have that term in the hiring contract, because they're afraid of turnover especially after they devote time and energy to training, onboarding, ramping etc.

Haven't seen the terms but anyone heard of anything like this? This is in the US.

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Iโ€™ve seen that term used on relocation bonus or signing bonus before but was never enforced.ย 
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This is fairly common in the IT industry. I recruited for a ton of positions like these in my previous role. They're essentially probationary periods. Easy for the company to part ways at the end and it's low risk as they expect a lot of them to flare out.ย 

Honestly haven't heard of that for an SDR role, but I guess it makes sense - end of the contract, either promote to AE or cut ties. If you can't prove you're ready to jump to AE after 2 years, time to go, not the employee they're looking for long-term.
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Wow, no thanks. If they are that burned by attrition they are doing alot of things wrong if they have to have a prisoner for 2 years. Giant red flag in my opinion.ย 
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Haven't seen it personally, but I'd be a little cautious going to work for a company that wants me to sign a contract saying I won't leave.ย  I'd have to dig into why they've burned through so many reps that they've resorted to adding new hire contract language.
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