Corp o’clock - First Leaderboard Prize Redemption

Better late than never!

Just wanted to share my experience winning 3rd place for the first ever WR Leaderboard and share my thanks once again to the Bravado team.

So, if you’re a little confused, the first leaderboard was a shortened Quarter (about 2.5 months ish) instead of weekly, so the prizes were a little more substantial.

The Bravado team was great and made it really simple and easy to get my prize. It took a little while to get but only because I was dragging my heels on signing a form and confirming the size of strap I wanted.

There’s only one small anomaly that occurred and I never brought it up because I’m not really bothered by it but might be useful feedback to share with the team: What I got wasn’t exactly the prize that was listed in the contest -

Listed prize: Apple Watch Series 6 40mm (GPS only)

Received prize: Apple Watch SE 44mm (Cellular + GPS)

Not exactly sure how the mix up happened or why but I’m still grateful for the prize and enjoying it.

I was thinking about doing a funny ad / video testimonial highlighting my prize but I’ve had to shelf that idea for now because of other priorities.

In any case, I still want to thank @GeneralCorp @sahil and the rest of the team for hooking me up and being a pleasure to deal with. 👍

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I use my Dyson air purifier and humidifier every day to prevent the demons.

But seriously, it's a godsend as I was going to buy one anyway due to my having 50+ electronics in my office running at any given time.
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Would love to hear from @salesnerd and @fuzzy about their respective experiences with their prizes…

Or even any of the Weekly Leaderboard winners…
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Nice watch Cadence!

I used my Target gift cards to buy deodorant, shampoo, a new razor, a color changing light bulb, and cotton candy with a unicorn on the front of the package. Very happy 🦊
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Cotton candy fucking rules 
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Well done My Guy! 

Very good face 😂

Anyone Exchange commission for the Hat yet? Corp, are there golden tickets in first few?

Exchange yet?
Ob ha
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To those of you who have won the weekly leaderboard, what was the prize? Really curious