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Creating Need with Cold Emails

There was a formula I used to create need with cold emails

Create need = spark interest in a prospect who was otherwise uninterested in your solution.

  • Take a common problem, but offer a unique insight that reshapes the way the prospect thinks about it
  • Explain how your solution exploits that insight, which in turn solves the common problem in a unique way.

Here's a real example from Glassdoor and how I sold to the VP HR at AMD, who had been rejecting a meeting with another rep for over a year, until I finally got through with my first attempt:

I knew AMD was focused on hiring software engineers (a cursory glance at their careers for showed the vast majority of open roles = SEs) and that those are notoriously hard to find. I was sure they had tried many different approaches... so I had to reframe the problem:

"Hi John,

Glassdoor helps non-Google / Facebook / Apple / Microsoft tech companies recruit software engineers in a unique way. When SEs come onto Glassdoor and search for salary information, we know they are in-market for a job. You can serve up targeted job ads that direct back to why AMD is building cutting edge technology (far more interesting than what they would be working on at a BigTechCo, and I say that as a huge gaming nerd!) Interested in learning how NVIDIA is currently using our solution to run a similar process?"

There were 4 things I did differently than the previous rep:

  1. Specifically calling out non-FAANG (this term didn't exist in 2012!) because I knew he'd be losing top talent to those firms. Saying we are helping non-FAANG created relatability.
  2. Simply explained how he would be getting highly targeted SEs in market, which made the solution approachable.
  3. Picked a core value prop I saw on their website (how cool their tech is) and called it out, while also building a personal connection that I used their chips to game.
  4. Dropped the NVIDIA reference to make sure he knew that their biggest competitor was already using this. So at the very least, he HAD to see what they were doing.

i got a reply within 45 mins, an in-person mtg in Austin 1 week later, closed multiple deals with them. John then went to Akamai, where I again sold to him 2 more times.

overall, this email generated 5 contracts worth ~$250,000 (quarterly quota was $60K)

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