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Deals get done on the golf course?

Curious - has any one ever used golf to close a deal?

I am really into golf but was always sceptical, and felt it was a real 'boomer' way of thinking that people got deals done on the golf course.

One prospect I was working with saw my golf clubs in the background of a Zoom call (forgot they were there) and suggested we tee it up some time. I thought, any excuse to play golf on a) company time and b) company dime, so I booked in a tee time and away we went.

To say it was a massive success was an understatement. The amount we talked was worth more than 20 Zoom meetings and by days end the deal was essentially done. I started leaving the clubs in the background of all my Zoom calls and have played dozens of times and closed numerous deals. I've also been invited to company golf days and brought to some pretty fancy venues as a result.

Does anyone else use golf or even any other activities (drinking aside) to help with their sales?

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I havenโ€™t tried it and have had the same thinking until reading this post. Maybe itโ€™s time I do the same!
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Always love teeing up 9 before 9. I have been skeptical to do this, but I might put the golf clubs in my background looking to get the same result.ย 
Have you ever found and/or closed a deal on the golf course?
Do people still close deals on the golf course?
Did you ever play golf with your prospects?
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Okay to take sales calls from the golf course?