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deathsalesman closed a deal for $15k to the Innovation department

My first ever chosen won deal as an Account Executive. It was also an Account Based Selling target account. So I leveraged our current relationship to break into a new department, we were not working with.

Deal Story
SalesSage closed a deal for $19.0k to the Packaging &innovation department
It took a few months and my initial contact and relationship was different than actual purchaser. They have since repeated the purchase for same value. Since have worked at wider and deeper to reach ot...
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Deal Story
harebrained closed a deal for $43k to the InfoSec department
The best part about this pretty standard/mid-sized deaI: I was at Red Rocks at 7:30pm on June 30 and got the PO right as my edible kicked in. I was super happy about my little surprise while I danced t...
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Deal Story
kbites closed a deal for $61.7k to the DevOps department
Whoever says inbound leads are easy to close? This deal took me 6 months. The prospect came in via inbound lead in Q4 2020. After some initial chat, discussion and demo, and an opportunity opened, they...
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