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Difference Between Demo for Inbound Lead vs. Outbound

Interested to hear from others what the key differences are when they do a first time discovery / demo for an inbound lead vs. someone they prospected and got to book a call with them.

Sometimes for an inbound lead it's easy to jump to "so what are you interested in seeing" and then getting to the discovery from that direction, but that isn't always the best practice either.

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I think in both cases there should be discovery: even an inbound may not know what they actually need.
Starting with "what made you contact us" etc can open up the conversation.
only thing to be mindful is that inbounds may have limited patience for a long cycle before seeing anything as they may already be educated or comparing similar tools.
In that case using a demo to show while asking deeper questions around certain features to broaden the conversation is helpful.
we call it disco-demo: a less custom demo to kick start the conversation with more discovery
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Inbound requires much heavier discovery:ย 

You have to not only match their expectations and understand who's ultimately signing the check.... but you also have to build enough pain to get them looped in.ย 

Outbound: You know who can use your service, who the DM is, and then you have to pitch based on the research you've already done. Much easier to hit them with a new idea that they can create budget for.... rather than trying to match what they put together.ย 

Am I way off?ย 
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Great perspective! I definitely can relate to that insight.ย 
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I do both today. The discovery needs to happen for both. As for inbound, itโ€™s a little easier to get the prospects talking about challenges specifically. I start with โ€œwhat led you in our direction hereโ€ followed by โ€œhow did you hear about us?โ€ (Marketing needs to know ugh)
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Agreed. Discovery first with both calls.ย 
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On an inbound lead the prospect has already done a lot of the work and you are in contention to provide the solve. For any demo to be effective there needs to be a clear understanding of what is important to them to see and then defining a clear outcome if those things can be delivered. Solve the problem (the real problem, you find after some digging) they have and don't do a speeds and feeds show and tell.

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Inbound: Focus on what they want to see
Outbound: Focus on a high level demo and constantly ask what value they would get from this or that until they have that a-ha moment
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