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hey sales savages.  some of you may remember me from posts this summer and earlier this fall.  I'm the sales rep whose manager told them to shut up in front of a large executive team at a fortune 100 company.  

Many of you took the time to give me advice.  I appreciate each and every single one of you.  I'm going to keep this brief but here's where I've ended up:
- I went to my sales VP with my concerns and the clients negative feedback on my boss. a week later he came back and gave me a vague list of 8 things he'd identified I needed in order to be successful and told me my concerns had zero validity to them.  moving forward the boss I filed my complaint against would report to my VP on a weekly basis on if he thought I should keep my job or not.  they were careful not to document any of this in writing.  
- 2 weeks from there the micromanaging and over scrutiny began.  my boss began asking me for lengthy emails detailing everything I did and calling out "concerns" he had in writing.  Each week I replied with reasons his statements were inaccurate and asking if my peers were being held to the same standards and how I could get a record of those asks from the larger group - which were never responded to.
- In late Sept I then got diagnosed with a serious health issue. I went to HR and got a reasonable accommodation request approved.  I then went to let my boss know and he ended the call citing he needed to call HR and recommend my immediate termination.  "you're clearly way too sick to keep a job" - I was still significantly ahead of my peers in new pipe generation and prospecting activity.  I followed up with a lengthy email documenting his discriminatory behavior and the company met with outside legal council the very next morning and kept it Public so I was able to retain a record of this.
- My boss then intentionally told off my prospect losing me my largest deal in company history.  this time, both a current customer and a coworker witnessed it - both of whom approached HR on my behalf and filed formal complaints.
- I have filed 6 formal complaints with leadership and HR over zoom and sent over 40 pages of complaints and rebuttals to falsely documented "concerns" my boss attempted to use to create a false narrative against me with.  I've also had 5 peers that I know of go to HR to file supporting complaints and concerns.
- I have since found another deal ($650k) I can close before end of year - one of the fastest in company history. I got the verbal commit last week for which my boss after giving me zero way around it, was present for and witnessed.
- Today, I was told I'm going on a pip plan.  every single reason is something I have hundreds of salesforce pages of documented reporting, complaints with HR (in writing) and legitimate proof of which in every aspect I am ahead of 95% of my peers in.  I let them know on the call I felt this was retaliatory and openly discriminatory and that I am being held to different standards than all of my peers. (I am the only woman on the team.  I'm also covered under medical discrimination and have this heavily documented now 3 going on 4 months straight in writing via formal complaints to HR after consistent discriminatory behavior by my boss as recently as last week when he shamed me for not being open to moving a serious doctors appointment to go support another reps customer I have zero reason to take time away from my job to do on-site CSM work for as a field sales rep held to a quota).

We all know what I need to do. 

My final and only ask from all of you amazing people is 
1) Do you have a recommendation for an amazing enterprise sized discrimination/labor attorney that has a presence in the northeast (I have calls into 2 big ones but being proactive here just in case)
2) Any advice on PIP. they want me to sign by end of day tomorrow. it says they can fire me at any time based on the terms of the pip which are 100% too vague to quantify at anytime even if I hit the plan.  I feel like I'm being tricked into signing something that would hurt my legal case. I also know they'll be able to fire me sooner if I don't sign.  Any just literal advice here from experience or a friends etc?

Good riddance it's almost 2022.  When will companies understand you can't do this to people and actually think they don't have the guts to hold them accountable for it?  Aftet everything we've been through these last 2 years and as a millennial it seems so clear we've all been traumatized to the point we wouldn't even question suing over something this clear cut.  It's like I'm living in the matrix. thanks all and BE WELL!!!!!
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