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Do you regularly work out in a gym or pursue any other sports?

I saw in my sales career that people who do sport on a regular basis and even

on a semi-professional level were also top performers in sales.

During one year, I myself, went every single day to the gym and really saw that my productivity increased so much.

What are your thoughts? Are there any sports that you recommend for sales reps?

Do you recommend an individual sport (jogging), a 1:1 sport (tennis, golf) or a team sport (football).

๐Ÿ™ Mental Wellness
๐Ÿ„ Personal Life
๐Ÿค— Self-care
WR Officer
Head of Growth
I have a decent home gym that is expanding monthly.ย 

When hiring salespeople, I always looked for athletics on their resumes. I loved hiring athletes, especially college athletes. If you're able to maintain academics and an intense sport schedule, it shows me you have grit and are able to multi-task.ย 
Partner Specialist
That is very interesting salesnerd. Thanks for your feedback!
Big Shot
Associate Account Director
Totally agree. I played college ball and I look back and scratch my head how I was able to manage it all. Certainly equipped me for the futureย 
Good Citizen
Sr. Mid Market Account Executive
Try MMA, boxing or any combat sports. Nothing better after a tough day at work than hitting some heavy bags (or even another human with pads lol).ย 

Tension and stress just melt away... plus it's great for cardio and strength.
Enterprise Account Executive
Played soccer in college (definitely helped when interviewing) and still play on a menโ€™s league team. I try to workout most days during the week. Getting much more into golf for personal and work reasons.

I feel like any activity helps you unplug from work which will make you more focused/productive during work. And of course, any activity can be a huge stress reliever which all of us in sales need.ย 
Partner Specialist
Letting steam off and increased productivity, thanks Ljv12!

Your comment that it helped you in interviews also makes absolute sense!ย 
If I asked a candidate what was his biggest achievement and he said: "I just finished a marathon" or "I won a regional soccer competition with my team" that shows a lot of stamina.
Enterprise Account Executive
I also comment on coach-ability and a competitive nature. Playing sports, i had different coaches similar to different manager styles in a work place. We are all competitive in sales so that one is easy!ย 
I go to the skatepark every night and ride skateboards for at least an hour, break a sweat, see all the skate rat homies, keeps me humble, focused, determined, gets my mind off sales
Chief Revenue Officer
There is a direct correlation to what we eat, and exercise to productivity and mental clarity -- YET. I still eat like shit and never workout. Everyone has a cross to bear I suppose.ย  This is mine.ย 
Master of Disaster
Itโ€™s the soft skills you need to be a successful athlete which translate so well to any career.

long term planning


knowing how to learn from failure, being able to pick your ass back up and make it a win

dealing with pressureย 

it really doesnโ€™t matter which sport it is. A top athlete embodies all of these attributesย 
I recommend all of the above. I'm hitting the gym or playing a sport every day of the week. Keeps your mind sharp, stress levels low, and is a great way to build your personal/professional network with like minded people.
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