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Do your prospects expect a technical test as part of the procurement process? Any tips how to bypass a long and painful technical tests? ๐Ÿฆพ

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I am not sure if skipping steps make sense. but bringing up the topic early on in the conversation could help make sure that the process is started sooner so it has less impact on the overall closing cycle
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This is true, however the technical test simply is a cost, time consuming, and a long process before legal
is started.ย 
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if it is only a cost and it nets the customers nothing, then why are they doing it?ย 

the gain they probably get is that they have assurance it works, passes the requirements from their management etc.ย 

There is always a reason, otherwise the path of least resistance would win and every company would skip it.
Bean Juice Drinker | Sales Savant
"What are you looking to achieve in a [insert trial synonym here]?" If they are looking to prove that xyz feature does what you said why not take them on a 1-2 hour deep dive of the product with an SE/technical team member?ย 

If they are simply looking for feature validation, then you should be able to show it off on a test drive call. However, if they are looking to pressure test something that can only be achieved by prolonged use of the product in their environment then you may not be able to skip this step, but it should be scoped and well defined as far as start and end date of the test with agreed-upon checkpoints, and a mutual success plan that leads to a signature.
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Technical tests used to be a bigger part of our process. It was already going away with video calls becoming more common, but with COVID everyone's pretty much figured all of it out.ย 

Now it's more a basic conversation between tech teams to make sure everything can communicate. Some prospects make this much harder than others.ย 

It's hard to bypass this since it usually is a box that needs to be checked, but instead you can try and get it to happen sooner on. If they go for it, that shows how serious they are about this deal.
AEโ€™s - Try your best to identify all the โ€˜key decision makersโ€™ early in the process. You might feel that itโ€™s necessary to wait or to be delicate in how you ask for other peopleโ€™s involvement โ€“ but donโ€™t
AEโ€™s - hereโ€™s a very client-centred way to gather information about โ€˜WHENโ€™ a decision needs to be made. Doing it this way will help you shorten sales cycles and build trust. Keep in mind - not every question I ask in this example is a perfect fit for every buyer, but should give you a good place
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