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Doing the job without the title

Recently was asked to essentially run another department of the company until further notice.

Others doing my current job and these duties now being asked of me (at other companies) would be considered a different title and increased level of pay.

That said, when I told my boss this is how it would work and what I would need to make it make sense, he said: "Yeah I just don't know if we are there yet, and you know we typically look for people to do the job without the title before getting the title."

My thoughts:

Okay so yeah our VP of Customer Success you just hired...did you have him do the job for free for two months before you gave him the gig?

Btw - more work for without more money is basically a demotion. And oh yeah, PS when I was still an AE I ran the sales dev team (my current job) for two months before it became an official promotion.

Unleash the chat - am I wrong in declining, and is my superior a nutbag for saying what he said or am I overthinking things?

Are my bosses cheap AF
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