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Don't connect and pitch

Even as a rep I get sales people that connect

and immediately pitch me on their product or service without any relevance to what I do

This is a stain on all of us as the classic pushy car sales guy but for social

Instead, create your working list of relationships you want

It will take a month or so to get started but I source half of my business from Linkedin without having to connect and pitch

I typically connect with 10 people per week and immediately look at their activity

I will comment, like and see if anything they talk about is relevant to what I do or can help with

Then I will send a quick voice note about their posts or interests 15 seconds tops

I keep that connection for about a month before sharing something I think they may find valuable (not my product)

If they engage during this process at all I will eventually message them with how I can help the typical problems their role faces with an easy opt out to stay as connections

Repeat process and post yourself

You have a winning strategy that most reps on your team wont act on

My coworkers miss out on tons of leads that message me directly because they have seen my content

I have 3x their pipeline because of it

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But everyone needs what I have. :,(

Kidding, I get it.

I've never tried to reach out to fellow sales savages myself - others around me have and it turns out that there are a lot of terrible prospects haha!
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the great thing about sales is the inefficient ween themselves out.Β 
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Agreed. I hate it when connections do this to me, so why would I do the same?

I usually send a thank you for the connection along with my contact information - via email.Β 
Account Executive, EIAS/Compliance
I agree, I'm getting a push internally to do it that way.... seems to be working well for the team, but man I hate getting inmails why should I send those out.Β 
Enterprise Account Executive
Think about the amount of outreach a typical buyer gets via email and phone. Now compare that to the amount of InMails. You are way more likely to cut through by using an InMails than by using those other methods.Β 
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Account Executive
Totally agree I don’t use any inmails because I’ve never read one lol if they don’t want to connect with me then they definitely don’t want to get a cold prospecting message from me either
Director, Solutions Sales
I personally don't mind it if you give me a heads up in the request note.Β  It's like 'hey, this is why I want to connect with you, I think there's a potential solution for a problem I notice you have based on research.'Β  Then, if I connect, it's because I want to hear what you have to say.Β  If I don't, the opposite is true.Β  Just don't bait and switch me :)
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What is your opinion on LinkedIn connect and then proceed to pitch once connected
Do you/would you wear a hat on a video call with a prospect?
Do you/would you wear a hat on a video call with a prospect?
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