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DOUBLE EDITION: Weekly Leaderboard Winners 9/5 to 9/18

My first time writing the leaderboard announcements, and the winners made it real easy by being super-consistent for both weeks! So here’s the weekly (fortnightly in this case) Leaderboard Winners for September:

1) @antiASKHOLE

They say the wolf on top of the mountain is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the mountain. Maybe. But what if the wolf remains hungry even at the top? And what if the wolf isn’t actually a wolf, but a squirrel? Take this Floridan squirrel for example, who possesses the hunger of a dozen wolves together. Who simply doesn’t get tired - climbing, staying, HODL-ing, sleeping, waking, partying, gnawing - at the top of the WR leaderboard mountain (and repeating all over again the following week). It seems this one is on an endless adventure, and from what it looks like, it seems really hard to keep the squirrel from Florida on the ground. A total of 2437 commission points in 2 weeks. Top position for 4th week in a row. And $100 worth of gift-cards to buy all the nuts they want. Take a bow!


I’ve been here for quite some time now (not as much as Miss Fox). Yet, I still can’t remember the last time I didn’t see the veteran vixen on the leaderboard. Before anyone asks - “No, I don’t have amnesia. At least I don’t remember having it”. What's her superpower? I think it’s in the name! I think it’s the curiosity in her. I think that’s what makes her keep giving back to the community; in the same breath not leaving a single opportunity on the table to learn something new from the War Room. The most disciplined fox ever, maintains her 2nd position on the WR leaderboard for both weeks of September. A total of 2155 commission points. Entering the leaderboard for 19665435th time. Foxy gets $50 worth of gift cards. Her only ask? Just don’t ask her: “Why so curious?”


The bunny has been keeping busy. Trying to help BDRs on LinkedIn, who end up trying to sell their “automated solutions” to her. Playing HAIKU on Labor-day weekend. Rumor has it, she managed to catch the recruiter who somehow got hold of her son’s cell number. She’s been keeping busy, but somehow still managed to make a fresh mark on the WR leaderboard again. Bunny’s first (and second) leaderboard appearance since the sun last shone in the Bay Area in the month of May. $20 worth of gift cards and 1430 commission points. Rumor has it (rather will have it), bunny would be spending it on getting such recruiters’ database cleansed, once n for all.

The next fortnight will be tougher. Month-end. Quarter-end. Pipeline-end… But has that ever stopped the savages from competing for the WR leaderboard? I guess NOT!

PS: I’m sharing 3 Awesome TIPS for making your way onto the leaderboard (especially for the new savages):

  • Referrals: Easiest way to earn commission. +100 for a single referral. Note: no point in referring someone who isn’t relevant for the war room. Like someone who generates MQLs (kidding, actually not!)

  • Value: Get your unique and personal anecdotes inside the WR (posts and comments). It’s a 2-way handshake. Leave a part of yourself here every time you log in and take a part of the WR in your life to make it better.

  • Consistency: You have a full time job. You have a quota. You have a dry pipeline. We get it. Yet, I can say this from personal experience: You don’t spend time in WR. You invest it. You’ll see the ROI soon. And it’d be 10X more than the commission points you earn here.

Cheers and Happy selling to y’all.


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@GastyI have said it before and I will say it again, You have a way with words. Congrats to @CuriousFoxand @Sunbunny31
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Congrats Ask, Foxy, and Bunny! Well deserved as always.

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Thank you! Interesting write up.

That recruiter has ... vanished.
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I made him an offer he couldn't refuse 🐴
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We don't talk about any of that, of course.
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I enjoyed reading this - been here a while and first time I've cared enough to post on a leaderboard announcement. Keep up the good work @Gastyits appreciated!
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lots of great advice and contributions
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Congratulations to all the winners 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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