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Email Template Share-a-thon!

Would love for anyone and everyone to share email templates ya'll are using for Value-Driven Email Outreach.


I'm trying to help my team by creating a library of different email templates they can leverage for value-driven follow-up.

I have a organized a library of different blog posts, success stories, webinars, and downloadable assets that they can "quick-search" to connect our assets with their prospect/Opportunities needs and challenges, but I'm freezing on the email template side of things.

Any and all feedback is encouraged and appreciated. #KeepSelling #KeepSharing

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If you have outreach then I would recommend to set up different sequences and A/B test.Β 

it works really well.Β 

Some killer tricks that I was taught by some top performers:


Hi Bob,

If I am correct, you are the [job title] at [company name].Β 

We help organisations with XYZ.

Here are customer references / examples
- reference 1
- reference 2
- reference 3

Every organisation is different. we understand that. I would like to set up an innovation call to discover how we can add value to your organisation.Β 

Thank you,


The initial question makes people read your question and know that it is directed at them. You then explain why you are reaching out

References are always good

end the email with Thank you or Thank you in advance. it creates the urgency to respondΒ 

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Appreciate you sharing this@MrMoneybags!Β 
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