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Enneagram (Personality Test Type)

Anyone else obsessed with these? πŸ˜‚ I'm a 7w8!

My favorite test is this one:
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I'm afraid this will tell me something that I don't want to hear since I'm a narcissist.Β 
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It would be so interesting to see if salespeople are fall into one more than any other.
I just took the test and I'm a 5w6. I took it a few months ago and I was an 8w3.

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Right!! I find these so interesting and want to know if we all share similar types. I know they change over time, last time I took it I was a very balanced 8!
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I would love to see something like this designed specifically for salespeople
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Put these types off tests in front of me, and I’m getting no work done today haha
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up in Fiji, under paddy
I also got 78W.Β Β 

Motivated by the need to be happy and plan enjoyable activities, to contribute to the world, and to avoid suffering and pain. Lighthearted, generous, outgoing, caring and fun. Enjoys introducing friends and loved ones to new experiences and adventures. Frequently juggles several careers or jobs at once. Quick-minded and able to learn new things quickly. Commonly radiates joy and optimism, expresses childlike astonishment, and experiences life as a gift. Relaxed, full of good humor, imaginative, sunny, playful, with a disarming kind of charm.

Quite accurate.

The 8W is probably what allows me to succeed in sales.

The Eight wing can influence a Seven to become more exuberant, bold, aggressive, and competitive. It can provide the energy needed to achieve desired goals by being naturally persuasive, assertive and playful. On the downside, it can cause Sevens to vie for the freedom to start new things that, ultimately, will never get finished.
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You are: Type 8

Motivated by the need to be self-reliant, strong, and independent. Loyal, caring, positive, playful, truthful, straightforward, committed, generous, and supportive.Β 

Good at taking the initiative, wants to be in charge and have the freedom to choose the right course of action.Β 

Capable of imparting a feeling of strength to others as well. Has a sixth sense for justice and truth, is instinctively aware of when something β€œstinks,” and isn't afraid to stand up to authority.Β 

Can be a rock of reliability for others, likes to protect the weak, and develops a tremendous sense of responsibility. Unafraid to seek out conflict or create it.

Communication: blunt, honest, states opinion without hesitation, enjoys debate

Workstyle: enjoys challenges, independent, influences others to reach their potential.

Sources of Conflict: feeling controlled, being overly blunt and confident with others, asking others for help without losing autonomy

Reaction to Conflict: confronts issues head on

Communication: direct, no-nonsense, confident

Workstyle: organized, task-oriented, professional

Sources of Conflict: tasks not being completed efficiently or effectively, lack of down time, being overly critical

Interesting πŸ’…

Do your prospects expect a technical test as part of the procurement process? Any tips how to bypass a long and painful technical tests? 🦾
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