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EOQ Tactics - Whats your biggest last minute move to hit quota?

At my previous company, our max accelerator was 200% quota. It was the last day of the month and I have two deals that would bring me right to the 200% mark but it was going to be close!

I was able to bring in both deals but I barely miscalculated the deals which meant I was going to slightly miss. I was 50ish dollars under the 200% mark!! LITERALLY, 50 bucks, and the commission difference was significant!

What did I do?

I called one of the companies back and told them I needed to up their contract value by 100 bucks and in exchange, I would send them 3 Ipads!!

It got me over the hump and I'm sure glad a built up some good rapport with this team!

Do y'all have any stories or is anything crazy happening this quarter?

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WR Officer
Head of Growth
I've seen several people do crazy side deals to hit accelerators. I had a colleague who had his dad sign up for the lowest tier of our solution (something like $900/year) because it ended up netting him another $6k in commission.Β 

He was super dodgy about it and logged a bunch of fake activities, fake demos, etc. under the account as if someone wouldn't notice that all these demos were created on the last day of the quarter.
Account Executive
3 iPads? Wow, I really need to get into enterprise sales!
WR Officer
Whoa, big shot! That's amazing.
Unfortunately, no gifting allowed with companies I deal with.
Director of Sales
Yea I think they have since cut that off at the company. It's a shame when companies tighten down (understandable but a bummer).Β 
WR Officer
King of the Coors Knights
One of my colleagues just sold a deal in Q4 with -14% discount. I inherited the account and was so confused when I saw the licensing. Idk how the hell he did that (our list pricing is public), but it may be the greatest finesse I have personally seen so far at my company.Β 
Do you delay deals to hit the next quota?
Do you delay deals to hit the next quota?
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What major actions would you take on month ends and quarter ends to hit your quota and also increasing the logos of yours from your pipeline?
Is it better to hit every month or hit your whole quarter in the last month?