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Fathers Day

For all the Fathers out there, first and foremost have a great day today!

Second, how many of your fathers were salesmen?

Has becoming a father changed your outlook or process in sales?

Whats the best gift you received on today?

What's the best lesson you teach your kids or have learned from your dad?

Enjoy the day!

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WR Officer
Happy Father's Day to all the dads in here!

My dad is not a salesman. He worked blue collar jobs his whole life, and took pride in them. He was up at 5 am every day to get ready for work, and almost never called in sick. He was laid off a couple of times throughout his roles but was willing to take whatever odd job was available to bring money in rather than sit around on unemployment. He had a great work ethic.ย 

The biggest lesson I've learned from himย  thus far is to never sell myself short. He always told me that. Go for a challenge, try what you want to try, and don't underestimate your potential. Moving into sales was a big leap for me. Of course I was nervous and doubted if I could do it. I'm so happy I tried though as I'm now in the best spot I've ever been, professionally.ย 
Account Executive
My dad has done a little bit of everything so I'd say yes he was a salesman. You have to be able to sell yourself to be an entrepreneur
My dad is in construction. But deep down he would make a great salesman.ย 
Senior Director, Enterprise Technology
Happy Fathers Day!ย 

My dad was a construction worker in a Union. Doesnโ€™t really understand why I chose sales but so be it.ย 

Was gifted a Yeti cooler from the family. Canโ€™t wait to test it out on the beach.ย 

Small Market AE
Damn, I guess all of us got popsโ€™ in construction lol. Much like the others, dad taught me to dig deep and grind for your family and that nobody cares about your excuses. Heโ€™s a good dad.ย 

Wife got me a Grypmat today which is A W E S O M E. My days of losing shit in my engine because Iโ€™m balancing 1000 different things on the manifold are OVER!
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
My dad used to run his own gym so in essence he was a salesperson and taught me a ton of valuable skills early on
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