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Figured I'd Give It A Try

Came across this post while doing some prospecting on LinkedIn so I figured I'd give it a try.

  1. Once upon a time I used social media and didn't garner any skills or rewards for my efforts 2. and every day I would get annoyed by pity shit on these platforms and people bickering over the stupidest of points. 3. Until one day I came across a video of @GeneralCorp๏ปฟgassing up the coolest social media site I've ever found. 4. Because of this I now get tips and tricks that help my job/ career and earn sweet sweet commish for my efforts. 5. Because of that I'm learning every day and have a growth mindset when it comes to sales. I used to be so discouraged by all the negativity out there on social media 6. until finally, I started utilizing Bravado as my main source of social media and 7. ever since that day I got accepted from the waitlist I've enjoyed using Bravado.

Friendly reminder storytelling is so important in salesโค๏ธ

Andrew Mewborn
posted on LinkedIn
The world's most valuable business skill:

Storytelling effectively.

But universities charge you 100k and never teach it to you.

Instead, here is 1 storytelling framework that costs $0 and will prevent your anxiety from being triggered:

1. Once upon a time...
2. And every day...
3. Until one day...
4. Because of this...
5. Because of that...
6. Until Finally...
7. And ever since that day...

Once you use this framework, it's literally impossible to not want to start telling stories.

So here's your new content strategy:

• Take 1 idea
• Come up with a story around that idea
• Fill in the blank in 1-7 above

Then, click post, post, post on LinkedIn.

Then repeat.
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Padre de Tequila
This dude connected with me and I see his posts daily and it's just... Just so annoying.
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
Hahaha no clue who this guy is one of my connections just liked his post so it came up on my feed and I thought it was decent advice. That being said Salesloft > Outreach all day i.m.o.
What's your reply for the prospects, who want free advice and make you do lot of documentation, which eventually results into ghosting ?
If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to the rookie version of yourself?
What's the one piece of advice that you would give 20yr yourself?