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Filling the "quarterly touchpoint" void with prospects not yet in buying mode

I work in an area with LONNNNNG ass buying cycles and today I found myself in another quarterly "touchpoint" meeting with a client who won't have a need for me until Q2 of next year.

This made me curious on how you savages run these types of meetings where you want to stay on someone's radar but there is no immediate reason to meet (no buying needs)

Maybe I'm just terrible at rapport building but I am curious, how do YOU fill this void? How do YOU SAVAGES run these types of meetings?

Am I wrong to try and keep things short? (Under 15 mins)

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I'd shift away from a useless meeting, which wastes everyone's time. Shift to an educational resource that you can share, tailored to their use-case/industry, and deliver it with a healthy dose of personalization.

Suddenly you are no longer wasting time, and instead, you're sharing something with the client that they will associate with you being helpful. Even if it's not made by your team, it's going to resonate in some way that will, hopefully, encourage them to reach back out to you when the buying time comes.
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I'm with you, I'd keep it short and try to build the personal relationship with the client
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I keep it short and treat it as a check in with no expectations of them being in a buying frame of mind, especially if they've been kicking tires for the past 6 months. At a certain point I do press on them a little to see what's causing them to hold off. If it's only been a quarter or two I'll talk about an upcoming webinar or some reading materials I want to send over to them that may make them realize some pain points they're having and schedule a follow up to get their thoughts. At the very least it's keeping us engaged and gives me the chance to follow up before a quarterly check in. If it's a prospect that's been doing this for a whileΒ  I'll get a bit more aggressive and put together a small business case for them to highlight the impact of doing nothing to see if I can speed them up.
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Stay on top of industry trends and share any educational resource or insight. This will keep you in touch with the prospect and provide value.
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Invite them to events (even if there is almost zero chance of them attending), let them know about stuff that's coming in the industry that might be relevant to them, put them on the list if your company ever sends out gifts or similar.
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