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Firewall sending emails into the abyss

I call into oil & gas companies as well as hospitals, and when I magically get a hold of a prospect that's interested in learning more, I often find that they didn't get any of my e-mails due to their org's firewall. My first e-mails never have any links in them, even in the signature.

Would you reach out on LinkedIn to ask if they received your e-mail? Are there ways to get around firewall? Any creative ideas out there?

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If you are on the phone with them send a test email and have them confirm if they receive it or not.ย 
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Yea I do that when I get them on the phone. But how to get my emails to those that don't pick up? -_-
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You send without a signature and zero attachments? I also use the delivery receipt in Outlook, which isn't 100 but I feel pretty confident they got it.

Have you sent from a gmail?ย 

Better yet, what about good ole snail mail friend? I know a lot of peeps here don't believe me but hand written cards take you far.
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Head onto LinkedIn or if your company has deep pockets ZoomInfo. Send a connection request or an InMail message on LI and ask, best email. Or if they add the connection, send message when added and say let's sched a virtual beer/coffee and send a gift card for beer/coffee.ย 

Sometimes, boomer (re: Oil and Gas) will have personal emails on their LI or personal cell # under the info section.ย 

Use every avenue - also Fox had a great comment... sometimes snail mail works for boomers, they like to feel important. For me... I checked my physical work mail once during the pandemic.ย 
Sending emojis/GiF's to prospects? โ˜•๏ธ
How do I get marketing to stop sending emails on my behalf?
Sending a poem as a cold email!?