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From interest generation to meeting conversion ?

Hey all,

In the past few weeks, I have observed this trend in my prospecting outcomes. The engagement on my emails is high, the same goes for videos, but it doesn't convert to meetings.

The emails are short, crisp and the focus is on 1 pain point at a time. The same goes for videos that follow the standard 10-30- 10 seconds rule.

Any hacks you would suggest to encourage these highly involved prospects to initiate a conversation?

Am I missing anything here?

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Thee things are potentially happening 1) you are missing the value prop.Β  2) you are not targeting the right folks and your emails are being forwarded into the abyss to the folks you should be targetingΒ  3) whatever you are using to track engagement is false positive firing the pixels --- these stats (opens, click throughs)Β  are nice to have, but they aren't exactly something I would base any strategy on.Β  If people aren't responding, you are likely missing either 1 or 2
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Pixels are the bane of a sales persons life
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Are you contacting the right people? Are you sure you haven't been sent to their junk folders? Have you tried picking up the phone?
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Pick up the phone and ask them????Β 
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What do you mean by engagement? Open rates? Replies?
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open rates, clicks on content shared.
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Suggest things like β€˜we tend to get super busy day by day so would it be okay to block some time frames next week in our diaries so we can get a good selection of options to have a chat?’ β€˜Do please let me know either way if you’d like to have a quick call, if it isn’t for you then we can go our seperate ways’ β€˜Instead of emailing, when’s best to give you a call tomorrow for a quick natter?’ Just examples like that and if they keep ignoring then you may find they are either just forwarding it on to team mates, showing the team, or aren’t interested. Try to make the emails more personal and direct, they go a lot further than a β€˜professional standard one’
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Open rates are great to know if you write a good subject and thats about it. I wouldnt judge the effectiveness of your emails based on open rates and content interaction.Β 

If anything, the fact that your getting opens and clicks means but no meetings your value prop is off and/or your talking to the wrong people as others have said.Β 

Are you putting an actionable CTA at the end of the emails to drive the appt?Β Β 

Also what makes you say these are highly involved prospects? Opening an email and clicking a video does not equal highly involved.

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A good subject line or a catchy video is not enough to get a meeting.
Introduce either FOMO or Curiosity in them.Β 
Ask them for a definite time slot or an alternative. Don't just to block your calendar based on their availability.
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