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Gardening Leave

About to hand in my notice today and will be joining a direct competitor.

Never been in this situation and im curious, is Gardening leave guaranteed when leaving for a competitor, or are they likely to make me see out my 4 weeks?

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The chance is very small. Why would they let you near their customers, products, employees,... youΒ΄re a competitor now.
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unlikely that they will keep you in the office but stranger things have happenedΒ 
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Who knows…

Β When I left my last company, I had several trips still planned for the up coming 2 weeks. I was expecting to be told to just got home, but they kept me traveling until my last dayπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
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I don't see them keeping you. Usually they ask for you badge and company tools back immediately.Β 
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You're more than likely to be shown the door that day, so long as HR and leadership can get their ducks in a row to run offboarding/exits, etc. I would never let a rep stay if I knew they were headed to a direct competitor.
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You should expect to be walked out within 30 minutes of giving notice, thats been my experience, even had bosses stand behind me while i packed my stuff.Β 
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Thanks all - update; they are currently trying to counter, which i won't accept regardless. Looks like ill be having the summer off to lower my handicap
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Do you have a non-compete?Β 

I am in a strange situation as a company is looking to open a specific division of their company that would be "mildly" competing with my current company's product. They are acting as a startup and I would be in at the ground floor with equity, benefits, and from what I'm told - at least 30K higher base and still uncapped commission. Fully remote as I am now.

Plus opportunity for upward movement (No chance where I am now due to structure of my current org).
It's been maybe a week since the guy who is putting the team together contacted me. No official offer yet as I am still vetting them and will be meeting with their execs.

But I'm super worried about my non-compete stopping me from making this move if it's what I want to do.

The only wording I can find in the 2 page agreement that pertains to me going to a competitor isΒ  " Associate acknowledge and agrees not to compete in any manner what-so-ever directly or indirectly with any of the services and or products that are being created, manufactured or marketed by [current company]. "

No time period... I'm thinking I'll have to consult a lawyer on this. My direct report runs the company basically and I've had a great relationship for the most part, but it's lacking any training or mentorship. I don't feel myself growing. And all of us sales people do different things/markets so not much camaraderie.
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