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Getting out of a sales slump: Your experiences

People of the war room,

I am in a major sales slump. You know the feeling: tumbleweeds in the pipeline, chasing prospects that will never buy, zero self confidence, boss breathing down your neck. How have you extricated yourselves from slumps in the past? I'm working hard, but it seems like nothing is changing. It's probably not as bad as I'm making it in my mind. I try to detach how well i'm doing my job from my value as a human being, but I haven't reached that zen just yet.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Any ability to sell an ancillary product or add on to an old account you closed that you have? Or are you straight up new logo? Sometimes just cross/up selling something gets you back on the horse and outta that slump.Β 
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The best advice I can give is to buckle in and focus on pipeline growth and just keep doing what you need to with any deals you're working. Growing a pipeline can be very rewarding in itself, and you're setting up future you for success.
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Hit the batting cages. Sales is about repetition. Keep swinging and eventually something will connect. Don't worry about your boss. If he/she is breathing down your neck and not offering support, then he/she's an asshole hole.
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It's kind of cliche but you have to ignore what's happened before today. Today is a new day and you have to have a new perspective. If you dwell on how hard it's been it's going to be tough to get out of that slump. A lot of sales is driven simply by momentum. All it takes is one good call, one referral, or one sale to totally change where you are at.
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I'm in a "slump". first 2 months of the quarter went great, but 3rd month was sloooooow (finishes tomorrow).

I'm prospecting like crazy. Using the free time in my calendar to try some more thought through approaches on my top accounts and revisiting some new/old sales training just to pick up some new tricks or spot bad habits I may have picked up.

thing is if your pipe is zero or terrible, just accept it for now and move forward. I'm working on my Q2.

good luck!
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