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gjsm closed a deal for $85k

This deal took about 6 months. It's a network of small advertising agencies so it took time to get them all to come together and agree in price, since none of them individually could really afford our tool. We offered limited time trials of the tool and worked with them to provide an understanding of the benefits of the tool. Had to work and get a lot of people in line. Offered a 6% discount to invoice all upfront (commission is paid when invoiced) and in Q2 and they agreed. Hit Q bonus and getting that comish early.

Sales Manager
Congrats! @gjsm awesome feeling hitting that Q bonus!!
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Very nice and great job for hitting q2!
Sales Manager
Big Congrats! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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Account Executive
Congrats! @gjsm
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AnfieldDevil closed a deal for $44.5k
I sell SaaS where one license could range between $199-$349. This company needed 9 licenses. This company was in an area where the median household income was $33k so pretty surprised they went for it ...
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SDMHGWarrior closed a deal for $50k
I closed this deal in 2 weeks. Right place, right time. I pitched for one thing and they came back with another offer better than what I pitched. I was going for a fast close and they came back with TC...
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inheaventhereisnobeer closed a deal for $65k
Deal took me around 2-3 months to close from start to finish. Almost got it last year then COVID hit. #FuckCovid All my contacts left the company and had to start from scratch. I connected with a new...
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