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Have you ever gone and get another offer just to get more money at your current job?

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Josh leveraged his promotion at Dunder Mifflin to secure a senior management gig with Staples.
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Absolutely not. If I'm going that far then I'm jumping ship and not looking back.
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I would recommend it, if done right.Β  If you have a good relationship with your current boss, go get an offer, wait for it to expire and then bring it up.Β  There is always risk in this conversation, especially if it goes badly.

"Look Boss, I didn't come here to blackmail you.Β  I'm staying even if you don't pay me more, but I'm uncomfortable selling myself short.Β  Note the expiration on this offer.Β  I let it expire, specifically so that you could see what the market thinks I'm worth.Β  Can we talk about this?"

I've seen that approach work, and it's no different than following up a prospect with value.Β  At least this is evidentiary as opposed to subjective discussion.
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This is an awesome piece of advice. Thanks!
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I personally haven’t, but I’ve seen a ton of folks do this. I feel they’re just burning some bridges while they do that and leaves bitter taste in folks’ mouths.

Having said that, I’m also in a dilemma now about this. I’m gonna hang here and see what others have to say
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that's queen coups to u
No and I don't recommend it. A reasonable company would want you to come to them first to talk about a raise, not sneak around behind their backs interviewing elsewhere to blindside them.Β 

There is also the possibility that your current company says "No, can't match that offer, you should take it." Then what?

Lastly, once your company finds out you're willing to interview elsewhere and pit two companies against each other, a lot of trust goes out the window. Knowing you'd rather sneak around than have a frank conversation about salary is likely to put you at the top of the list for employees to get rid of.
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I've heard of this being done but I don't think it's always wise and I don't think I could do it.

If you genuinely love the place and want to stay you should have an honest upfront convo with your boss. Ask them specifically what's keeping you from getting that raise.

If I'm willing to put the effort to going to get another offer, (and it's some effort- nobody enjoys going through the rolls of interviewing, learning, pitching ect.) Then I am prepared to take that role. If you've sunk that much effort into seeking a better role, you should just take it.

They might match- but if the case they don't and call your bluff? Now you're forced to fold like a card table and your reputation is shit or you have to take the new job- (hope its a good one)

In any case if you're going to play the game other factors have forced you too and you should be bouncing.

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I've never left a comp plan - only a company.

If the company culture accrues buy in, I'll find a way to make the comp make sense.
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Kinda the reverse happened at my last job. My peer (super-early hire and friend of CEO) found out from HR that my base was 25% higher than his. I helped him do some research to justify asking for a raise to match.Β 

The CEO tells him - if you think you're worth that much, prove it. Literally told him that if he could get an outside offer at that figure, only then would he match it. Challenge accepted - he got an offer from a pretty well-known tech company (lower title, higher pay + actual equity) and the CEO says, that's not in our industry, sorry dude. Still SMH...

For your sitch - like any negotiation, decide what your walk-away point is before making a plan. I like @TheNegotiator's pitch if it's a company where you'd prefer to stay, at the right price.
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I increased my OTE by $60k overnight doing this - it turned into a new role for me internally. Not that it’s an advisable best practice, but it’s not always a bad course. My relationship with the company didn’t really suffer and I stayed another 4 years and further increased my earnings. That said, if your intention is to stay, consider approaching your company earlier. You can tell them you’re getting recruited at these rates and you’d like to discuss a path to getting there internally.Β 
ehhh you can only do a 'buy back' once...Β 
How much money does one need to offer you to quit your job?
I was hired at a really good start up about 4 months ago for a SDR role that I was told I wouldn’t be in for very long. They’re gonna go public in the next year, but Zoom Info reached out to me about an Account exec position. Now I’m wondering if I should take the guaranteed route to AE or let my shares vest and get to AE at the place that took me. Usually I wouldn’t consider jumping so quickly, but AE is AE.
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I'm severely underpaid. I signed another offer & resigned. They're begging me to stay...